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Greenwich Village Antiquarian Book Fair
February 16-17, 2019
PS3 The Charrette School
New York, New York

Show Rules and Release

Booth Fees
: Booth fees are payable in two installments. All booth fees and extras must be paid by January 19, 2019. Dealer will not be allowed to set up with an open balance unless prior arrangements have been made in writing.

Cancellation: All cancellations must be in writing. There will be a $50 bookkeeping charge for any cancellation. In addition, the following penalties will apply:

Before January 19, 2019 - - - -$50 bookkeeping fee.
January 19 - February 1, 2019 - - - 50% of the total booth fee
After February 1, 2019 - - - 100% of the total booth fee.

In the event that Management can re-rent the space, Management may, in its discretion, refund any or all of the penalty. A “no-show” will be responsible for the total booth rent.

· Set-up of booths must be complete by show opening and may not be dismantled until show closing.
· Booths must be staffed at all times.
· Dealer must keep all of their merchandise including chairs and helpers within the boundaries of the booth as established by show management.
· Display fixtures may not exceed 7 feet in height; exposed structures and tables must be properly covered, tables to the floor and walls front and back.
· Table drapes and must go to the floor and must be flame-retardant.
· Dealer may not share its booth with another dealer without the written permission of management.
· Dealer may not display any sign which states “sale” or “discount”in their booth without approval of management.

· Management, at its sole discretion, may require that Dealer remove any unauthorized item, or any other items which are not in keeping with the Show's image.
· All items for sale must be priced.
· Dealer must provide consumer with a receipt which provides Dealer's name and phone number and which states a description of the item purchased. Bags and security stickers are provided.

Impact Events Group, Inc., and The Charrette School, the school committee council, their members, agents, officers, employees, and sponsors will not be liable for property damage or personal injury which may occur on or about or in transit to or away from any part of the subject premises, including property handled by porters. (Insurance for merchandise and liability insurance is available through is offered by the Antiques and Collectibles Dealers Association by calling 800- 287- 7127. It is recommended that dealers obtain their own insurance against theft and liability).

Hold Harmless
Dealer will hold Management, the Charrette School and the School Committee Council harmless and will indemnify Management and the Charrette School and the School Committee Council against all liability and expenses arising out of any claim of injury or damage to property, resulting from Dealer's conduct, together with all costs in connection to the defense thereto, including attorney fees.

Force Majeure
In the event that the Charrette School or any portion is unavailable whether for the entire event, or a portion of the event as a result of Acts of God, war, terrorism, or any other cause or if Management decide that because of any such cause it is necessary to cancel, postpone or re-site the Show, or reduce the operating hours, Management will not be liable for any direct or consequential damages or for reimbursement of booth or other fees.

Dealer agrees to abide by all federal, state and municipal laws, regulations, and bylaws. Dealer is responsible to collect the NY sales tax and remit it to the Dept. of Revenue. All suits and proceedings will be brought in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and all disputes will be resolved in accordance with Massachusetts law.

These rules may be amended by Management from time to time with prior notification.